Signals By Spreadsheet (SBS) has its roots in the signal system that was developed for Allen McClelland’s original Virginian & Ohio (V&O) railroad. The V&O programmers developed a spreadsheet-like methodology to capture and communicate signal system requirements. Now, the SBS user only needs to capture his/her own signal requirements in a spreadsheet provided in the software. SBS software eliminates the need for high-level language programming that has been the “Achilles heel” of sophisticated model railroad signaling. The SBS software is free.

Furthermore, SBS hardware couples modern network technology with the National Model Railroad Association’s (NMRA) Digital Command Control (DCC) to provide the user with a simple railroad interfacing approach.

SBS has been developed with the goal of advancing the state of the art in model railroad signaling. SBS can be employed by a novice on a simple “4×8″ layout as well as by more experienced modelers on a sophisticated club-sized layout with interlockings, dispatch panels, and other complex signaling apparatus.

We hope that you will enjoy the advantages of the integrated SBS architecture. Please contact us with comments, suggestions, and criticisms.