These tutorials are animated PowerPoint Shows (presentations) with audio narration. They cover a lot of ground, not just Signals By Spreadsheet. You will need to have PowerPoint™ or the FREE PowerPoint Viewer installed on your computer. You can download the PowerPoint Viewer from the Microsoft website. It takes about 5 minutes.

When you click on one of the tutorial download links below, you can elect to “save” the tutorial to a folder on your computer so that you can view it repeatedly and share it with your friends. The download takes less than a minute. When you “open” a tutorial (during the download or from a stored file), it should start running automatically. If it opens as individual “slides”, press the “F5” function key on your computer to start it running. 

Below is the menu of tutorials we have available and are developing. Just click on the link to access it. Please keep in mind that while the tutorials on a particular subject may not be available currently, all of the SBS products are available on our website now. If you have questions or want a topic covered that you don’t see in the list, contact us. 

Tutorial Menu

AC/DC (Basic electrical and wiring practices) – Coming Soon
DCC (DCC wiring practices for everyone) - Coming
SBS Overview (5 minutes long, 30 second download)
SBS Software, Downloading and Setup – Coming
SBS Distributed Input/Output (9 minutes long, 45 second download)
SBS Test DIO Card Function – Coming
SBS Signal Programming – Coming
SBS Accessory Testing and Control – Coming
SBS Dispatcher Panels – Coming
SBS Route Control – Coming
SBS Staging Yard Control – Coming
SBS Time Table and Train Order System - Coming

Bonus: Video Projector Test Pattern

SBS Sytem Components Overview

Signals By Spreadsheet (SBS) “piggy-backs” onto your existing Digital Command Control (DCC) system. (See the diagram below.) The DCC track bus provides the power for all SBS hardware. Therefore, no additional power supplies are needed. The DCC cab bus provides the communication path between your computer and the SBS Distrbuted Input/Output (DIO) cards. Therefore, no additional network wiring is required. Check out the DIO cards on the “Input/Output Boards” page under “Products”.

SBS accessory decoders provide up to 30 decoders on one card, up to 16 user-programmable routes, dispatcher lockout, and automated staging yard control. Check them out on the “Accessory Decoders” page under “Products”

SBS software runs on an ordinary PC* or MAC*. The user simply enters the signal requirements into spreadsheets provided by SBS. No sophisticated high-level language (e.g., Basic, C++, etc.) “programming” is needed. The SBS software is free. To download the SBS software, go to the “Software” page.

A minimal SBS system is one DIO card, the SBS software, and the appropriate PC to Cab Bus interface. To expand your SBS system, simply add DIO cards and/or accessory decoders.

*PC or MAC® must be running Windows® 2000, XP, or VISTA operating system.

1. The SBS hardware and software documentation available on our website has been created in PDF format. We recommend that you download the latest version of the free Adobe Reader software to view these documents.
2. The SBS Tutorials have been created in Microsoft PowerPoint™ “.pps” format. You will need to have PowerPoint™ installed on your computer. Or you can download the FREE PowerPoint Viewer from the Microsoft website.