Input/Output Boards

The Distributed Input/Output (DIO) board connects your computer (running SBS software) to your layout via your existing DCC cab bus - thus no additional network wiring is needed. They are powered by your DCC track bus - thus no additional power suppplies are needed.

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DIO/D29 (Distributed I/O for Digitrax LocoNet)

DIO/D29 (Distributed I/O for Digitrax LocoNet)

  • 29 Input or Output Terminals per board
  • Each Terminal Independently Configured as Input or Output
  • Communicates with computer via Digitrax LocoNet® or SBS Data Bus
  • Works in Conjunction with SBS Software
  • 5VDC Logic Inputs/Outputs
  • Can Drive Signal LED's Directly (with Series Resistor)
  • +12VDC & +5VDC Power Outputs for general usage
DIO/D29 (Distributed I/O for Digitrax LocoNet)More Details

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Price: $80.00
S&H: $5.00

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