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TOO/4 (Train Order Operator System)

TOO/4 (Train Order Operator System)

  • 2 Independent Operator Stations 
  • 4 Optically-Detected OS Points per Operator 
  • Sounds Alarm (Buzzer) and Illuminates Corresponding LED When OS is Tripped
  • LED Stays Illuminated Until "Reset" Pushed
  • "Cut Out" Eliminates Nuisance Trips During Switching at OS Point
  • Powered by DCC Track Bus or 12VDC Power Supply (Not Provided)
TOO/4 (Train Order Operator System)More Details

Download TOO/4 Description PDF

Price: $80.00
S&H: $3.00

TOO/4 Custom Panel Kit

TOO/4 Custom Panel Kit

  • Power LED (Green) and 4 Station LEDs (Red)
  • 4 Pushbuttons
  • 4 Toggle Switches
  • 4 Photo-transistors
  • 1 Buzzer
  • Downloadable (Free) PowerPoint Panel Layout
TOO/4 Custom Panel KitMore Details

TOO/4 Panel Creator (PowerPoint)

Price: $40.00
S&H: $3.00

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